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CORE Mobile Integrated Health is a division of Indianapolis Emergency Medical Services (EMS) designed to provide innovative pre-hospital care to the citizens of Marion County above and beyond standard emergency 911 response. CORE uses a proactive pre-hospital health care model to connect patients to critical resources, provide vital patient education and utilize community paramedicine in the comfort of a patient’s own home to alleviate a variety of medical and social health care challenges. The CORE team consists of experienced paramedics, a social worker, physicians, and administrative staff.

CORE provides benefits for:

  • Patients and families in Marion County
  • Vulnerable populations of Marion County, including the socio-economically disadvantaged and those with little or no access to health care resources
  • The health care community in Marion County, including ambulance services, emergency rooms, urgent care facilities, mental health organizations and primary care providers
  • Payers – The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services and private insurance companies


What is Mobile Integrated Health Care?


Mobile integrated health care is an emerging medical model that uses trained allied health professionals, often paramedics, to fill needs in health care services and resources.

CORE community paramedics complete in-home visits and perform medical, environmental and social assessments and interventions to best assist patients in finding an appropriate venue of care and providing preventative care. Research indicates that patients who receive appropriate, consistent health care have better health outcomes than those who receive intermittent care in an inappropriate environment.

CORE Mobile Integrated Health supplements the traditional 911 services of Indianapolis EMS, helping to improve patient outcomes and quality of life and slow or prevent chronic disease progression. The program provides education and a source of empowerment for patients and families by helping to remove barriers to effective treatment, all while decreasing health care costs for both patients and providers.


Our Goals


CORE Mobile Integrated Health seeks to accomplish the following six goals:

  1. Reduce admissions or readmissions to area health care facilities
  2. Decrease patient non-compliance and increase self-care
  3. Increase community collaboration in health care
  4. Decrease non-emergent use of the 911 system and emergency department resources
  5. Identify and fill gaps in current health care models
  6. Expand the professional role of the experienced paramedic