Indianapolis EMS Receives Federal Grant Funding For AED Placement

  • Posted: August 13, 2014

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13 August 2014

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Indianapolis EMS Receives Federal Grant Funding For AED Placement

INDIANAPOLIS – IndyCARES, a division of Indianapolis Emergency Medical Services (IEMS) received notification last week that a grant submitted to the US Department of Health and Human Services; Health Resources and Services Administration, for AED placement and compression only CPR training in Indianapolis has been awarded. The program will be administered by the Health and Hospital Corporation of Marion County with leadership and direction provided by Dr. Dan O’Donnell MD, and the Indiana University School of Medicine.

The grant provides $145,013.00 in funding for the first year of the AED placement and use program. Additional recommended funding by the grant includes $146,997.00 for year two and $149,040.00 for year three. Funding for years two and three are contingent on availability of funding and satisfactory progress of the proposed project. These figures represent 100 percent funding for the program with no local or state matching monies required.

The Indianapolis Targeted Cardiac Arrest Survival Program’s goal is to improve cardiac arrest survival in high risk areas around Indianapolis. This program aims to tailor CPR and AED education to the unique needs of local communities. Goals of the program are to expand the current community education provided by IndyCARES including recognizing the signs and symptoms of cardiac arrest, teaching chest compression only CPR, and appropriate application and use of an AED by the layperson.

Without rapid bystander intervention using CPR and an AED, the chances for Return of Spontaneous Circulation (ROSC) diminish greatly. Dr. Charles Miramonti MD, chief of IEMS indicated that “studies have shown a positive impact when cardiac arrest is recognized early and when intervention is rapid in the form of immediate CPR and defibrillation.” Miramonti also emphasized that working with Indianapolis Department of Public Safety to help identify areas where education and placement will be made is the next step moving forward. The search will focus on at risk populations where out-of-hospital cardiac arrest events are the highest and outcomes are the poorest.

Once high impact areas are identified, program leadership will engage local community leaders and partners on establishing a high impact CPR and AED education program unique to the specific community. Upon completion of this program, AED’s will be placed by IEMS. Additionally, the location will be recorded in the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) System. This will enable 9-1-1 dispatchers to let callers know where an AED is located in the event of a cardiac arrest. According to Dr. Dan O’Donnell MD, deputy medical director with IEMS, “Identification and engagement of key stakeholders in the identified high risk areas will be crucial to the success of the program.” An initial report is expected in early 2015 that will identify the locations that will best serve the population of Indianapolis.

The team at IndyCARES defines program success as training 500 citizens per year in citizen CPR and the placement of 20 AED’s annually for a period of three years. IEMS Public Information Officer, Carl Rochelle III, reports that over 4,000 citizens of Indianapolis have been trained in chest compression only CPR since IndyCARES inception in June 2011. These combined efforts can save lives as well as lead to improved patient outcome when followed by rapid AED use and treatment by first response emergency medical services. This program is a joint effort undertaken by the Health and Hospital Corporation of Marion County, the Indiana University School of Medicine Department of Emergency Medicine, Indianapolis Department of Public Safety and IEMS.


IEMS is the largest provider of emergency pre-hospital medical care in the state, responding to nearly 100,000 911 calls each year. A division of the Indianapolis Department of Public Safety, IEMS is a partnership between the City of Indianapolis, Indiana University School of Medicine and Health and Hospital Corporation of Marion County, with Eskenazi Health as the supervising health system. IEMS strives to provide the best pre-hospital medical services to the community through the endless pursuit of excellence in patient-centered care, education, efficiency, efficacy, safety and quality of service. IEMS serves the community not only through emergency care, but also through unique outreach programs and educational opportunities. Our mission: Right care. Every patient. Every time.


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