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Indianapolis EMS represents a true partnership between municipal government, emergency medicine and the business of health care delivery in the 21st century

Indianapolis EMS will create a new and uniquely capable resource for both education and training of EMS professionals and for public outreach and community education to support public safety.

Indianapolis EMS will consolidate education and training in partnership with the Indiana University School of Medicine. Under the IUSOM, the director of EMS education will coordinate the various sites to provide consistent curriculum, oversight and physician involvement.

This consolidated approach will marry the cutting edge curriculum with the staffing resources and teaching experience of the IUSOM, enabling a broad continuum of education for transport EMS services as well as IFD first-response EMS.

Indianapolis EMS will also work proactively with the public to promote safety programs and initiatives to advance the shared mission of DPS, HHC, IFD and IUSOM to improve the health, safety and wellness of the people of Marion County.