Frequently Asked Questions

Why consolidate EMS?

Consolidating to create Indianapolis EMS will merge resources to benefit the residents of Indianapolis and Marion County in quality of care and in efficiency, creating costs savings for the taxpayers. Indianapolis EMS will:

1.    Create and improve efficiencies in logistics, deployment, education and training, resulting in cost savings and improved care.
2.    Unify administration, care practice, education, policy, quality improvement and performance measures.
3.    Create singular integrated vision and leadership encompassing every facet of municipal emergency medical services.

What areas of Marion County will Indianapolis EMS services cover?

Indianapolis EMS will provide coverage in areas currently served by the IFD (Lawrence, Perry, Warren and Washington townships) and Eskenazi Health EMS (inside the historic city limits, Franklin Township and the Town of Speedway).

What body will serve as the employer for EMTs and staff of Indianapolis EMS?

The new agency will exist as a new division under HHC and DPS. The agency will report to DPS for daily operations, and HHC will encumber the operational costs, liabilities and all organizational responsibilities for the unified service, including payroll and benefits.

What labor union will represent the ambulance personnel?

The International Association of Fire Fighters Local 416 has been selected to represent the ambulance personnel.

What will the rank structure be within the new agency?

Ranks will be developed similarly to those of IMPD and IFD. They will be based on experience, continuing education and levels of training, performance and ability. This will go hand in hand with an internal mentorship program, a promotions and career development committee and a career ladder within the service along the many disciplines.